Evangelization Palai

1.                  Cell Group prayer – Shalom Pala

            (4.30 p.m. – 6.00 p.m.on Tuesdays) Prayer of intercession for the whole eparchy and for the fruitfulness of all the spiritual services and programmes.

2.         One day fasting prayer – Cathedral Church, Pala 

(9.30 a.m. – 3.00 pm) –            It is for the success of all the evangelization works. There is Holly Mass at 10.30 amfollowed by Bible preaching. Adoration of the Holy Eucharist is held in the afternoon session.

3.                  Evangelization Friendship- Shalom Pala

(9.30 am – 1.00 p.m.on third Saturday s) – Those who serve in the various levels of evangelization meet together, conduct group prayer and learn the Gospel. Reports of service done by all the groups are presented. Discussion, analysis and evaluation follow. The following are the 8 important services of evangelization.

(a)     Hospital services :  Groups of workers visit hospitals including govt. hospitals,   meet the  patients and pray for them. Catholic publications and leaflets are distributed among them

(b)     Service for the alcoholics : In cooperation with ADART they visit the alcoholics and pray for them. They encourage and help the patients (Alcoholics) for treatment and to attend renewal retreats. Much help is rendered in  their rehabilitation.

(c)     Jail Ministry :      In collaboration with the jail ministry of the diocese they visit the subjail in Pala.  They share the Word of God with the prisoners, pray for them and distribute sweets.

(d)    Colony Service :  They co-operate with the parish vicars to conduct three day evening retreats or conventions in the colonies and the Kudumbakoottaimas. They visit all the houses, pray and prepare the people so that their participation can be much effective. Such programmes were recently conducted in Arakkulam, Kuruvinal, Mutholy, Bharananganam, Edamttom, Poovarnay and Manvettam parishes.

(e)     Antisuicide cell :  There is a specially trained cell to help those who  are  suffering from terrible disappointments and suicidal tendencies, through prayer, telephonic counselling and individual and personal counselling.

(f)     Good Samaritan Ministry : It is a secret service group of only reverent sisters and women. They try to influence the women who go astray and lead sinful life. They try to bring them back to a life of faith and prayer, through prayer, personal interaction and counselling.

(g)     Preaching & Junctions and in Busy streets : Informal preaching of the Word of God at junctions and in busy streets where people gather, is the aim of this ministry. It has not been active yet.

4.         Parish Service Team

            Under the auspices of Evangelization team retreats evening conventions and one day seminars are held in the various parishes.

5.         Pastors’ Kootaima (Group)

( In Mount Nebo Retreat centre Vagamon on every Monday)

The pastors group assemble to conduct intercessory prayer in front of the Holy Eucharist for the church, the diocese and the priests.

6.                  Nuns’ group : Alphonsa College, Pala

(once in three months)

Representatives of all the different congregations of Rev sisters meet and pray together. The listen to the Gospel. The services and activities of the variousreligious congregation are discussed and evaluated.

7.             Holy land pilgrimage 

As a part of evangelization service pilgrimages are conducted to the Holy lands inEgypt,Israel,PalestineandJordanin the month of April every year.