Evangelization Palai

Jesus Youth is an international youth movement with charismatic spirituality. Started in Kerala in  1985 it has been growing and spreading inIndiaand more than  25 countries. Jesus youth begins in Divine experience and grows through prayer, sacraments and meetings so that they can share Jesus with others.

  1. Monthly meetings : Monthly meetings and prayer are held in Assissi Retreat Centre Bharananganam from 5 p.m. to 10 pm on third Saturday s.
  2. Prayer groups : Under the leadership of teachers weekly prayer meetings and sharing of the Word of God are conducted in high schools, higher secondary schools and colleges.
  3.  Christian Retreats : Separate retreats are  conducted for the various categories of students. Chris Angles Meets for the students of classes VIII and IX, Blooming Rose for post SSLC, students. Sancthithas for the youth.
  4. Various ministries : Under the auspices of Jesus Youth various ministries that include Teens Ministry in schools, campus ministry  in colleges, parish ministry in parishes professional ministry in professional colleges intercessory prayer ministry, nurses ministry, pro life ministry and  media ministry are working in various fields.
  5. Angels Army : It is a Jesus Youth prayer endeavour for the babies in their mothers womb and those up to  12 years of age. Its members pray specially for these children and their parents.

Parents are helped in bringing up their children in  sanctity. It also helps children to grow up in divine experience and in deep relation with God. Special  retreats and programmes are conducted for pregnant women. Angels Army prayer and other services are held in Assissi Retreat Centre, Bharananganam from9.30 amto 3.30 p.m.on second Saturdays.

  1. Petropolo leadership training : In order to give Christian leadership training to the young people a venue for leadership training called pertropoto is under preparation in Shalom Pastoral Centre. It is decided to be conducted on every first Sunday.
  2. Jesus youth experience programme : It is aimed to help the young people know and experience God in their life. Different programmes like Step I for students of class IX, Salt and Light for those of class X, Disciples Training Programme (DTP) for those who have completed XII and Master Builders for degree students are held under the auspices of Emmaus centre.

Jesus Youth Palai