Evangelization Palai

The inspiration behind forming  Kudumbakoottaimma is the strong desire to go back to the early Christians’ religious spirit and cooperating and sharing mentality, in the light of apostles’ activities2 : 42,4 : 32– 34. As members of Gods House (Ephesus2 : 19) who have received heavenly citizenship (Philippians3 : 20) the members of a parish meet in each of the neighbouring houses and pray together. Being a remedy for the sense of alienation felt the crowds, it helps the members to know and understand  one another,. Like the various organs of the body the members are helped creating friendly relationships, to encourage one another and to be available for and to support those who need help. Its main goal is to build up the Church which is the mystical body  of Christ, through sharing time, toil, capacities, knowledge, wealth and above all love.

  1. Meeting of Kudumbakoottaimma resource team – Shalom Pala from 9.30 am to 1.00 p.m. on second Tuesdays.

The resource team of the diocese meet once in every month to get training, in taking authoritative classes on Kudumbakoottaimma. Model classes are conducted and evaluation and corrections if needed  follow.

2.                  Conscientisation classes in the parishes :

The members of the resource team take classes in more than five Kudumbakoottaimma units at the same time. Along with that, leaflets giving answers to the questions raised by the Pentecostal sects are distributed.

3.                            Forane Conventions :

One day Forane conventions are held in each of the  13 Forane centres of the eparchy. The representatives of the Kudumbakoottaimma wards of the parishes of the forane take part in it. These are being conducted from 10 amto4 p.m.on Sundays. The specialties of these conventions are the Bible study and classes on Kudumbakoottaimma

4.                  The Director’s visits :

To make the faithful a ware of the importance of the Kudumbakoottaimma the director visits the parishes, celebrate Holy Mass and take classes.